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Discover the world of 
photography & camera history.


Our concern is to offer the public an insight into the fascinating history of photography and the emergence of camera technology. After building up the archive, the Cultural Foundation has considered expanding the Photo Museum once again and adding an exhibition on the 1st floor of the Kulturfabrik.

Whether you are curious, interested in technology or nostalgic, the combination of archive and exhibition offers a suitable experience for different interest groups.


On the second floor, we offer you a tour that takes you through the history of photography, gives you interesting facts and invites you to marvel.

Between curiosities, Big Pictures and central German achievements, a unique insight into the work of the preceding weeks and months awaits you.


The archive with more than 1000 cameras, photographic materials, technology, printed matter and accessories, offers a wealth of material for enthusiasts and camera fans.

The collection from private ownership shows with great attention to detail the development and creation of the camera. Chronologically and staged, there are many interesting exhibits from Agfa to Zeiss.

Helmut Arenz Cultural Foundation

The Helmut Arenz Kulturstiftung (Helmut Arenz Cultural Foundation) has set itself the task of establishing the Kulturfabrik to promote a wide range of cultural activities. This means that the most diverse segments of culture are to be brought closer to the people locally, regionally and nationally. In addition, the foundation focuses particularly on integrative projects. In keeping with our motto: "Take time for culture", we would like to extend a warm welcome to you.


Cameras, video recorders, records,
accessories and more.

Exhibition Space

Distributed on two floors within
the Kulturfabrik

Camera Manufacturers

Leica, Voigtländer, Rollei, Polaroid
and many more.

Years of History

From the idea of the Camera Obscura
to modern photography.




A small insight into our camera archive and photography exhibition

Brand view will follow shortly!


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